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When you’ve been arrested, you may not know where to turn. You need someone who will go to bat for you. That’s where the Moran Law team comes in. The Texas criminal justice system is complicated, so don’t pick a team that doesn’t know the law like we do. Get us on your side instead. We’ll get to know you and your unique case, and then we’ll work hard for your best outcome.

Know Your Rights. Have an Advocate.

Don’t try to defend yourself alone. You have the right to an attorney, and you should have one of the best on your side. The legal system can sometimes take advantage of defendants who don’t know their rights. We do know your rights, and we’ll make sure that those rights are fulfilled.

Why Choose Us

Why choose the Moran Law team? We’re trusted attorneys in Tyler with a reputation for success. Here’s why the Tyler community turns to us.

  • Fighting for You When you choose us for your criminal defense needs, you have our absolute attention. We fight for your rights so that you get a fair and honest legal process. We take the time to get to know you and your circumstances so that we can build the best case for you.
  • Satisfied Clients Our clients know that we step up for them. That’s why we have such a high customer satisfaction rating. When people want legal counsel from a hardworking, tough, and successful attorney, they turn to Moran Law.
  • 20 Years of Experience Why do we know the law so well? Because we have 20 years of experience on our side. We know the legal system because we see it at work every day. We’ll put all our knowledge and experience to work for you during your case.

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If you want legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney, then don’t wait to make that call. The sooner you call an attorney, the sooner your attorney can start building your defense. Call Moran Law now at 903-504-5004. We’re here and ready to answer your questions.

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