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Family Law Attorney For Divorce, Modifications, Adoption And Other Family Legal Matters

When it comes to family law, the legal process can be intimidating. You need a calm, experienced advocate on your side. Most importantly, you need someone who will never forget who matters the most: your children. The Moran Law Firm, PLLC, in Tyler, helps families pursue the best outcomes for complex situations.

Advocacy And Problem-Solving In Family Law

Our family law practice guides clients to solutions for a wide spectrum of legal matters:

  • Divorce and property division: At Moran Law Firm, PLLC, we help clients who need to divorce their spouses. We focus on ensuring that you are treated fairly in temporary court orders and dividing your marital estate. We can also address alimony and protective orders if applicable to your situation.
  • Child custody: Divorcing a spouse gets even more complicated when you have children. Divorce proceedings can get tense. You’ll want a lawyer who will fight for you and help you pursue the best situation for your children.
  • Child support: We also work to ensure that child support is fair to both parties and is sufficient for the child. We’ll make sure that child support is calculated accurately.
  • Prior order enforcement and modification: We also work with prior court orders. If the other party is failing to follow prior orders, we’ll work with you to reinforce those orders legally. Likewise, when circumstances change, we help clients modify or contest prior orders relating to alimony, child support, custody or visitation.
  • Adoption: We help relatives and nonrelatives who are pursuing adoption. In our practice, we always work toward the best solution for the children involved. As a matter of fact, Ms. Moran herself is an adoptive parent, so she understands the complexities of adoption.

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