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The Truth About Divorce

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law |

As a family law firm in Tyler, Texas, we have seen countless divorce cases come to light because of the ease of opportunities for individuals to violate their vows. With the growing popularity of social media and internet usage, along with the ability to be anonymous, opportunities for unfaithful acts and disloyalty have become a large reason for divorce.

One of the most common reasons of divorce is adultery. An unfaithful partner inserts mistrust and instability into the marriage and leads to hateful words and actions taken out on the other person. Adultery, to be direct, means that one partner had sexual relations with a different person while still married to the other partner.

There have been many times when my clients were convinced that they would never hear the word “divorce” uttered by them or their spouse. In the quick day-to-day of modern society, we count on everything to happen quickly. Sadly, this now includes the dissolution of a marriage. Once a party files for divorce they are only required to wait 60 days – cooling off period.

When someone’s spouse considers filling for divorce, they aren’t usually shocked by this. The worst feeling is when a spouse in unexpectantly served divorce papers. At that moment, all affection, care, and respect go out the door. Then your marriage may be nothing but a competition to see which spouse can hurt the other the most.

If you’re feeling like you might file for divorce or your spouse might, start copying your financial records. Any assets you have, with or without your spouse, need to be inventoried; including debts, liabilities, and any financial or other assets. When you are prepared for your divorce, our attorneys can assist you more and help you to settle your case out of court, through mediation, or in a trial.

There will always be predicaments in your life – whether it’s something major like divorce or minor like traffic on the highway. Every situation that you work through will make you stronger. With a positive approach and a successful attorney, you can enjoy life again and sustain your family – even after a divorce.