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4 Ways To Prepare For An Attorney Consultation

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Family Law, Personal Injury |

Undergoing a tough legal case can be challenging and overwhelming. This is why it’s important to find the right attorney who understands what you’re going through and will do whatever it takes to help you win your case. To find the perfect lawyer for you, consider attending an attorney consultation well prepared. This involves visiting the  selected attorney’s office and asking basic legal questions to help you get the assistance you need. This guide will help you properly prepare for your upcoming consultation appointment with any potential attorney.

Write Down Questions 

When someone is ready to be involved in either divorce or personal injury litigation, they usually have plenty of questions they want to ask an attorney.  Come to the initial meeting ready to discuss those questions.  That means either write down every question you want to ask, or bullet points of areas you want to address.

For instance, in a divorce case, you probably want the attorney to discuss the (1) difference between a standard possession order, and a custom possession order; (2) difference between Joint Managing Conservatorship, Sole Managing Conservatorship and possession; (3) how similar judges in your county rule on cases similar to yours, etc. (4) what is a no shack up clause; (5) should I request a geographic restriction, etc.

For a personal injury case, you may want to ask (1) should I talk to an insurance adjuster prior to retaining an attorney (NO!); (2) how will my medical bills be covered prior to settling with an insurance company; (3) explain Statute of Limitations to me, and how it could prevent me from filing my lawsuit at a later date; (4) how the attorney will be paid, i.e. contingency basis, etc. (5) what will my actual costs be; (6) ask about UM and PIP coverage, etc.

Asking the attorney your prepared questions also gives you a chance to evaluate their answers and understand their professionalism, and skill level as a lawyer.

Take Notes with a Pen and Paper

Bring a pen and paper with you to the lawyer consultation. This lets you take regular notes while the attorney provides you with answers to your questions, and valuable information about your case and their fees. If you have questions prepared, leave space below each one and write the answers underneath them. You can review these notes once you get home to remind yourself of the meeting’s events.

Provide the Attorney with Supporting Documents

Give the attorney more background and details of your case by bringing any supporting documents regarding your lawsuit. Such as, if there is already an Order in place, or if you have been served with a document, bring those documents with you to the meeting.  This helps your lawyer provide an accurate estimation regarding the worth of your case. They can also give you their professional opinion on what your case may look like, and how much you’ll have to pay for their assistance or any other legal fees. Most lawyers prefer not to handle original documents. Be sure to make copies and bring them in or fax them to their office beforehand.

Bring a Loved One with You To Your Attorney Consultation

If you’re dealing with an emotional court case or are nervous about meeting your attorney, consider bringing a friend or family member along. They can provide you with emotional support and may make you feel more comfortable or relaxed during the meeting. However, to ensure your conversation remains confidential, it’s best to keep the conversation solely between you and the attorney. Try to avoid bringing your loved one into the actual meeting and instead let them wait in the lobby.

Being Ready for Your Attorney Consultation 

Visiting an attorney’s office can often be intimidating and nerve-wracking. If you prepare for your consultation beforehand, you’ll feel more comfortable, confident, and self-assured throughout your entire meeting. Contact Moran Law Firm today to learn more about what to expect in an attorney consultation. You will receive top-notch legal advice to help you win your case.