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5 Important Things to Know About Personal Injury Lawsuits

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you need a personal injury attorney, then you already know how complicated life gets after you’ve been hurt. Between the doctor’s office visits, potential loss of income, and working on your case, you have a lot of details to oversee. As you get your case ready, don’t let these important details slip through the cracks. Here are five things you need to know about your personal injury case.

Don’t Refuse Medical Care at the Scene

If you’re ever in an accident in the future, you should never refuse medical care at the scene. It’s easy to say “I’m fine” after an accident. However, injuries can worsen over time. Plus, immediately after an accident, your adrenaline may have spiked, which can make it hard to tell whether or not you’re really hurt.

Refusing medical care can also harm your case. The defense may note that you refused care, and they may use that refusal to claim that you weren’t hurt in the accident. They may argue, for example, that you may have been injured after the accident.

Of course, you may be reading this post because you’ve already been injured, and you obviously can’t go back to change your actions. In any case, let your personal injury attorney know whether or not you accepted medical attention at the scene. Your attorney will need those details to help you build your best case and prepare for the defense’s possible arguments.

Attend All Medical Appointments

Life after an injury can get hectic, but it’s vital that you keep up with your medical appointments. Your doctor’s appointments are not just essential for your own healing; they’re also important for evidence purposes. Your doctor’s assessments will help you discover the extent of your injuries, which can then help your personal injury attorney build a more detailed case.

Keep All Related Medical Documents

As you go to your doctor’s appointments, make sure that you keep any medical documents related to your injury. Like the appointments themselves, your documents can help you and your attorney gather relevant details. Keep those documents in a safe place.

Call Your Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

If you don’t have a personal injury attorney yet, contact one as soon as possible. For one thing, you have a limited amount of time to pursue a personal injury case. In addition, it’s always best to get started while the details of the accident are fresh in your mind. The sooner you call an attorney, the simpler it is to gather evidence and relevant details.

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