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What Is Mediation and Why Should I Care?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Family Law |

Divorce involves a lot of negotiation. You may not realize just how many decisions you will have to make with your spouse until you are in the middle of a divorce. Suddenly, things that you took for granted are up in the air. Now what? In the case of divorce, when emotions run high and it’s hard to see the big picture, you might find it helpful to seek mediation.

What is Mediation?

It’s rare for divorcing spouses to agree on everything. In most cases, spouses will have major disagreements about property, custody, and plenty of other things. This disagreement is normal, but sometimes divorcing parties need some extra help to agree. That extra help comes in the form of mediation.

During mediation, a mediator works with both parties to help them come to an agreement. The mediator steers the conversation away from emotions and blame, offering a calm and neutral point of view. The mediator doesn’t work for one spouse or the other, so this person is concerned with both parties’ rights and reaching a fair conclusion. This way, both parties can reach an agreement.

Why a Third Party Matters

Having a neutral third party involved can take some of the stress out of the divorce process. Mediators don’t take sides, and because they’re not emotionally involved in the situation, they can stay objective. They steer conversations away from the blame and name-calling that can make a situation unproductive. They point both parties toward reality-based observations, helping them reach a conclusion that’s fair for everyone.

With an experienced mediator, you’ll know that you’re talking to someone who has seen similar situations before. They’ve seen what works, what doesn’t work, and what only looks fair on the surface. Their experience can help you reach pragmatic conclusions during your divorce.

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, but with mediation, the situation can become a lot less stressful than it might be otherwise. This is especially important if you have children. Children pick up on their parents’ emotions, which makes divorce particularly difficult for them. Mediation can help parents stay calm, which in turn can help the children stay calm, too.

Do You Need Mediation?

You will probably be required to attend mediation prior to a final trial of your case. Many clients prefer a mediated agreement to a final trial because they have more control over major decisions about their life and their children than a Judge who has limited knowledge about the parties and their children.

Legal Counsel

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