Family Law

Let us help you understand the process and your options before making important decisions.

Sound Legal Service in Adoption, Divorce and Other Family Legal Matters

At the Moran Law Firm, in Tyler, Texas, we are focused on providing high-quality legal services at reasonable cost to clients in Smith County, Gregg County, Van Zandt County and throughout East Texas. The following are some of the areas in which The Moran Law Firm attorneys can provide you with sound legal representation:

  • Adoption. We assist grandparents, stepparents, relatives and others with an interest in the welfare of a child to complete the process of adoption. As a mother of adopted children, Ms. Moran understands the challenges her clients face.
  • Child custody. We protect grandparents’, mothers’ and fathers’ rights to custody and visitation in court and settlements, while meeting the best interests of children.
  • Child support. We ensure that child support is calculated accurately and administered fairly based on either or both of the parents’ net incomes, amount of time sharing, as well as health insurance and day care expenses.
  • Divorce. We help clients to divorce from their spouses and resolve all important legal issues related to a marital breakup using the tools of negotiation, mediation and litigation.
  • Modification of prior orders. We help clients obtain, as well as contest, modifications of prior terms to child custody, child visitation, alimony and other court orders.
  • Enforcement of prior orders. We help clients secure enforcement of orders that the other party is, for whatever reason, failing to follow.
  • Estate planning. We help clients plan for the future and avoid probate issues using will, trusts and other estate planning tools.
  • Guardianships. We assist clients in obtaining guardianships for the care and welfare of minor or disabled loved ones.
  • Probate representation. We represent estate beneficiaries and creditors in will contests, collections and other aspects of probate court proceedings.

Family Law Organizations

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