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If you have been injured in any type of accident, you need an experienced Tyler Personal Injury Attorney who will fight for the rightful compensation that may be due to you. Once you are in an accident in Texas, the clock begins ticking. The statute of limitations runs out just two years from the date that you were injured. The sooner you contact Moran Law Firm, the sooner we can get the claims process started for you.

Tyler Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured through the fault of another person or company can be devastating. Your quality of life could be seriously impacted, especially if you receive a debilitating injury that requires a lengthy recovery period. The state of Texas allows you to sue for both economic and non-economic damages in a personal injury case. The process can be complicated and lengthy, and you can rest assured that insurance company representing the person or entity that injured you will fight to keep you from receiving compensation. That is why a Tyler Personal Injury Attorney from Moran Law Firm will be your best ally to navigate the complex legal process.

Economic & Non-Economic Damages in Texas

These are the different types of economic and non-economic damages that Moran Law Firm will fight to recover for you:

  • Past & Future Medical Expenses (Economic): You should be able to recover medical expenses if you are injured through someone else’s negligence.
  • Loss of Past & Future Earning Capacity (Economic): You may lose time off work to recover from your injury. Sometimes an injury is so severe that the victim cannot return to the former profession, meaning they will lose future earnings. You have a right to compensation for these losses in Texas.
  • Pain & Suffering (Non-Economic): Pain and suffering is self-explanatory. If someone else injured you through their negligent actions, you may be entitled to recover damages because the ordeal that you went through.
  • Mental Anguish (Non-Economic): If the circumstances of your injury are especially disturbing, you may be entitled to damages for the mental anguish you went through.
  • Physical Impairment or Disfigurement (Non-Economic): Physical impairment damages can be awarded for the loss of enjoyment you suffer related to non-work activities. Disfigurement damages can be awarded for injuries that alter the victim’s personal appearance.
  • Loss of Consortium (Non-Economic): If you are no longer able to enjoy social interactions with close personal relations due to your injury, you may be entitled to damages. This type of damages is limited to spouses and children of the injured party.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Tyler, TX

Moran Law Firm is ready to help you in your recovery process after an injury, by fighting for the compensation that you are owed. Contact us today at 903-504-5004 for a free consultation on your personal injury case.

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