Fierce In The Fight For Your Family

Take Charge Of Your Divorce

Divorce is often complicated and can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. When facing such an immense life change, it can be difficult to know where to begin. It is crucial to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side as you make decisions that will affect your immediate and long-term future.

The Moran Law Firm, PLLC, is here to help you approach divorce with attainable goals and a plan for achieving them. Our legal team provides the strategies and support to protect your interests and make the best of an unfortunate situation. We will guide you to solutions and – when necessary – fiercely fight for you.

Experience Family Law Attorneys Fighting For You

Moran Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to providing quality legal counsel in divorce and other family law cases. We are attuned to the struggles and concerns associated with navigating the divorce process. We aim to put you in a position of strength for negotiations and litigation:

  • Property division – Under Texas community property law, each spouse is entitled to half of the wealth acquired during your marriage. This includes retirement accounts, investments, real estate and business holdings. We ensure you get your rightful share and help you balance joint assets and joints debts in a fair and sensible settlement.
  • Spousal support – Alimony is not automatic and is often dependent on factors such as income disparity, earning capacity, age, health, and length of the marriage. We understand the nuances of this aspect of the divorce process and will ensure your best interests are protected as decisions about spousal support are made.
  • Child custody and support – If you have kids, it’s your biggest concern in divorce. We protect your parental rights and children’s best interests, in temporary orders while your divorce is pending and in negotiations or contested proceedings to determine custody, parenting time (visitation), and fair and accurate child support.

Skilled And Compassionate Divorce Representation

Lisa Moran is an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to use the law to your advantage. She will personally sit down with you to listen to your story and help you chart a path forward, with the help of the attorneys and support staff who comprise our highly experienced team.

To arrange a consultation, contact our Tyler law office at 903-412-8346 or contact us online.